parking simplified

Parking at Eagle Landing is effortless with a variety of parking options boasting up to 7 spaces per 1,000 square feet. In addition to traditional surface and structured parking, Eagle Landing offers an innovative approach to parking and space management with an automated stacked parking system featuring electronic valet. With the latest electromechanical and automation technology, the automated system offers a premium valet parking service without the keys leaving the owner’s possession.

Access to the parking facility is limited to the street level terminals. This ensures vehicles are protected from theft, damage and exposure to the elements. The automated parking system also eliminates the hassle of walking around a parking garage, waiting for an elevator or climbing up and down stairs to find your vehicle.

valet in 1,2,3:

  • Drive into the terminal.
  • Exit & lock the vehicle.
  • Take the parking card from the kiosk & the system does the rest.

vehicle retrieval in less than 90 seconds:

  • Enter the secure ground floor lobby.
  • Insert the parking card into the kiosk.
  • The vehicle is delivered facing forward for an easy exit from the terminal.



Eagle Landing is a premier walkable urban environment in the economic heart of Portland metro’s east side. Eagle Landing is large enough in visibility, scope, and architectural excellence to truly live, work, shop and play in lush Northwest surroundings.